Central Church

Central Church of Pittsburgh is the English Speaking congregation of the Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh (non-denominational). We are located in Shadyside just minutes from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.

College Fellowship


Central Church Student Fellowship is the on-campus fellowship for University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) and Carnegie Mellon University associated with Central Church.

CCSF holds prayer meetings every Wednesday evening at 9:30PM and early morning prayer meetings every Tuesday at 7:00AM. We also host a variety of annual events throughout the year, from praise nights to sporting events! We encourage students to attend Discipleship Groups (DGs) every Friday and worship service every Sunday at Central Church. In all that we do, we seek to do in love and base off the living Word of God. As young leaders and believers in Christ, we aim to be unified as one body and apply the knowledge and wisdom we gain to serve God and one another to ultimately further His kingdom.

Although CCSF does not have established fellowships for other schools in the area, students from other schools are more than welcome to attend campus meetings and events of either Pitt or CMU. As a student organization, CCSF seeks to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Christ on Pitt and CMU campus.

Weekly Campus Prayer Meeting

Location: CMU UC Chapel or Pitt Lawrence Hall

Date & Time: Every Wednesday (first Wednesday of month at church) @ 9:30PM

Students gather on campus to both corporately and individually worship and pray through scripture for their campuses, the church and the world. 

Weekly Campus Early Morning Prayer

Location: CMU UC Chapel or Pitt (see Central Church on Facebook for updates)

Date & Time: Every Tuesday @ 7:00AM

Students gather on campus to worship, meditate, and pray through scripture in the morning to begin their day with the Lord.

Sunday Service Meeting Locations

CMU: UC Black Chairs at 8:30am and Mudge Bus Stop at 8:45am

Pitt: Towers Lobby at 8:30am

Discipleship Groups

Location: Central Church (821 S Aiken)

Date & Time: Every Friday @ 7:00PM

More information found in “Weekly Gatherings section”

College Facebook Group and Slack

- College students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CentralGatherings

- Central Church: https://www.facebook.com/groups/179992905351761/

- Slack: https://centralchurchsf.slack.com  

CCSF Leader's Contact Information

CMU: Christine Kim, christi4@andrew.cmu.edu
Pitt: Caleb Kim, cyk6@pitt.edu (425) 419-7918



Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh
821 South Aiken Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

(T) 412-687-7775
(E) centralchurchpitt@gmail.com